What we're planting in Timburi – Part IV: Avocado SAF

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In the fourth post of this series (see the first on here), let's talk about the agroforestry system focused on avocado production, which is a growing market in the region.

Avocado seedling growing among the already developed green manure (pig beans and pigeon peas)

Where are these systems being planted?

This agroforestry system is being planted in small to medium areas, involving producers who are looking at the local and export market. There is already a Farm in the region that has infrastructure for the separation and packaging of fruits for the international market.

What is the logic of this system?

This system was designed to diversify avocado production in monoculture, so we added tree species of different life cycles to the system, from pioneers to long-cycle timber species. This design also focuses on growing secondary products such as bananas and pink pepper.

Sketch of SAF Avocado, one of the agroforestry systems planned by PRETATERRA for the Timburi Project.

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